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April 3, 2018



 The cabinet in the photo to the left contains 20 years worth of journals. 19 years of those journals contain the journey I have been on with you as a professional musician, artist, creative dude. 

  I appreciate anyone reading this and anyone who's been supportive all these years.  You are part of the reason I’ve started this blog. Sure, our social media feeds are good for a quick double tap, but it lacks the depth I’d like to share with a lot of you.

 19 years ago I moved to NYC to play with the recently signed band, Dope and I began living out my dream as a touring as a musician. 19 years is respectable run in any career, let alone music..(let alone sober the whole fucking time!). I guess that's why I often get asked if I’ve ever considered writing a book of my expereinces. ‘I’m too busy living’ was my usual response. 

 Too busy living..well what does that mean? 

If you live in NYC 'too busy living' can mean just that. When you live in NYC it eventually dawns on you learn that everything is more difficult then it may be in other place. Doing the laundry is harder. Parking your car is harder (if you have one), getting groceries is harder and most of all, paying your bills is harder. This doesn’t leave much meat on the bone for creativity. Let’s not get into having the space to be creative. A basement? A spare Room…a garage? Fuggedaboutit.

 Too busy being a human doing and not a human BEING. 

  So, recently I moved out of Brooklyn NY to a larger cheaper space. Across a different river on the other side of Manhattan with the objective of living as a person who creates shit. 

 This also, is allowing me time to go though journals, scrap books, lockers of gear, mech, posters, you name it. I’d like to share with you what I find-be it in this blog, Instagram and maybe my online store. 

  This blog will be going in 2 directions simultaneously. Into the past and into my future/current endeavors. 

2018 is gonna be a crazy year and I can't wait to share it with you. 

 Hang on creeps! We’re in for a hell of a ride! 


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